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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Maintenance-free cloud analytics services: connect and go

  • Want to build your own analytics models and programs? Use our cloud analytics platform.
  • Want us to build the analytics you need and you just use them? Use our cloud API or cloud app options.

Cloud analytics platform

  • You choose a cloud provider: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • You choose cloud parameters: Linux, Windows, CPU, memory and so on
  • You choose where to access and store data:  database, Hadoop, cloud, files
  • We set up the cloud environment and install and maintain software tools: WPS Analytics, Python, R
  • You configure access control to software and data
  • You have full control to build and run your own analytics models and programs

Cloud API

  • We build, deploy and maintain predictive analytics, such as scoring models
  • We provide an API to you
  • You use the API to connect and run the predictive analytics on demand

Cloud app

  • We build, deploy and maintain predictive analytics
  • We build bespoke apps that use these predictive analytics
  • We host the apps and analytics
  • You and your customers access and use the apps on demand

Why use our SaaS

  • Run SAS language programs with no need to install other third-party software
  • Quick and simple migration from on-premise to the cloud
  • Bring Python and R to your SAS language applications
  • Bridge mainframe and server to cloud environments
  • Scalability, reliability, manageability

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