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Linux on Z

Supported versions of mainframe z/OS

The table below lists the versions of z/OS on which WPS Analytics is presently supported.

z/OS on an architecture 7 machine
z/OS 2.5
z/OS 2.4
z/OS 2.3
z/OS 2.2
End-of-life announcement
z/OS 2.1 will no longer be supported after 31-September-2021

Alternative mainframe option

There is the option to use WPS Analytics under Linux on Mainframe System z using IFL hardware. This can boost performance and make considerable cost savings in your System z environment.

Using mainframe z/OS, WPS Analytics can be used in the following ways:

Command line and JCL use

Run jobs and programs written in the SAS language from TSO, USS and JCL using the WPS Analytics Command Line Interface (CLI).

Remote submit programs
(WPS Communicate)

Programatically execute parts of a program on remote servers and mainframes and upload/download data.

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