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Linux on Z

Linux on mainframe System z

The modern approach to mainframe processing

WPS Analytics extends Mainframe support from z/OS to the newer Linux for System z technology. Utilise Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) hardware for IBM System z Mainframe systems, z9 and above.

Why use IFL?

IFL hardware provides the advantage of increased capacity with significant reduced operating costs. IFL hardware capacity is independent of general purpose System z capacity. Moving workload to IFL can lead to significant reductions not just for WPS Analytics licences, but for overall software licence costs including operating system licence costs, third-party vendor licence fees and other capacity-related costs. There can be advantages to using Linux for System z in supplementing or replacing distributed server hardware.

Supplement or replace distributed server hardware

WPS Analytics running on Linux for System z can supplement or replace distributed server hardware running Linux, found in enterprise environments. This means that workloads running on distributed hardware can be moved to IFL hardware on the series Z machine. This has the advantages of reduced hardware costs and lower power requirements.

Linux distributions

WPS Analytics running on Linux for System z is supported on all available Linux distributions for this platform including SUSE and RedHat.

Using Linux on mainframe System z, WPS Analytics can be used in the following ways:

(WPS Workbench)

Use the Workbench to manage, edit and execute your programs.

Command line use

Run the Processing Engine from a command line or in batch mode.

Share server resources
(WPS Link)

Local workstations can use client/server GUI facilities to run programs on remote servers.

Remote submit programs
(WPS Communicate)

Programmatically execute parts of a program on remote servers and mainframes and upload/download data.

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